bells will be ringing

I rarely get the chance to hear the guy’s side of the story. The girl is usually the friend of mine and her version always comes first.

“It was so hard not to mention something when we went out to dinner this week,” he called this evening from out of town, the strange area code was the first clue. They were at her parent’s house where he had asked for permission. Then, this morning, in the guest bedroom, when she came to wake him up, he popped the question. As he told me I oohed and ahhed. It seems like the perfect low-key way to me, something simple, unpretentious, close to family even. Sounds good to me. I’m excited for him and her and glad I got to here his side of it because in his version, you get the thinking and planning and a little hint of his anticipation and that is always the sweetest part of the story.

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