shelter in a storm

Ernesto, what a strange name, but I'm getting to know him well. He started knocking on my door last night and hasn't left my house just yet. I'm glad this hurricane season has been so tame and that even Ernesto is not as bad as he threatens, but he's gotten me out of work early and displaced some lives. One of them is now with me and I'm in love. Her name is Kelsey. She's small and round and you can tell she's excited because her whole body shakes. You can't mistake that she wants to be around you, constantly. She's the mother of several children, but I couldn't take in her youngest son, he was a little rambuncous. I just got her and I'd be OK if she needed to stay with me for a long long while, even forever. I've never been an "emergency pet shelter" before, but I kind of like it. And I think Kelsey is pretty happy too. We've already napped and she follows me everywhere, her tail wagging her whole body. And I've caught her on the sofa once and when I told her to get down she ran to me and put her tiny little paws on my leg and just begged for forgiveness. I can't hold it against her, she's displaced and probably wondering where her child is. I'm happy to have her, and I love her warm little face, her ears like velvet, her tiny nose pushing my hand to pet her. I'm just in love.

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