i feel a chill

I recommend zinc to anyone who says, "I think I'm getting a cold." They always ask me how much they should take to which I tell them that I have no idea that it's probably OK to just overdose on it. I say this with a hint of joking thinking that you can't overdose on zinc because it's a mineral or vitamin or something good for you. I was wrong about that.

It started Friday morning at 5am with the throat thing. You know, the throat thing that is always the first sign. Two days prior I thought it was coming, but each day I forgot the zince and then Friday, wahbam, the throat thing hit. I started immediately, even at 5am, with the zinc and continued for every meal that day with a dose of zinc. Then next day when the cold had come to set up permanent residence in my throat and nose, I read the zincebottle. It said, "Make sure that you do no take more that one tablet a day!" Whoops! I had already taken two and was working on the third when I read that.

Death by zinc. If I wind up with some wierd condition, at least we'll know why. The good news, of course, is that the symptoms have been very mellow. I'm telling you. Take the zinc.

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