the blogging blahs

I've been negligent. I've been remiss. I've been quite quiet.

One thing I hate that bloggers do is talk about how long it's been since they last posted. It's a blogging-peeve of mine and yet...

Sometimes I think I've lost the blogging spirit, the will to spread the news of my life across the Internets. Well, Mr. Internet, I still don't got a lot to tell ya. I've been quiet on the web. I've been quiet in my life. I'm not even reading very much. There must be a correlation between how much I read, or don't, and how much I write, or don't. I have been knitting quite a lot and worrying about how I'm going to pay for summer vacations and spring break to NYC to visit TryBecca and well, I've come the realization that the $100 I spent on the cotton yarn to make a spring sweater will not actually be suitable barter for a plane ticket to the Big Apple. Whoops. But, I'ma goin'. Yes sirree, I'ma goin'.

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