it's a break something

Words like "your the coolest chick" should make me feel really good. Instead -much to the surprise of many- they make me want to run. Let's examine and induce some meanness. "your," I try real hard with the correct spelling and such, but when you want to make an impression, make sure you contractions, contract. I'm just saying. "chick" sadly, while the sentiment is totally sweet, I know few women who like it when a man calls them a chick. But I call men boys though I do it endearingly and with no hint of idiot girl syndrome which the formentioned does. None-the-less these words make me want to run. They should not. I should want to stay and talk awhile, but if I can, and I can, I use my brain and dissect something that should be left alone and turn it into a reason for running. Good lord in heaven, will I ever be able to stand still?

Quietness around here deos not mean quietness is truly afoot. I'm turning 3-0 in a matter of weeks, days really, and I think the breadown is beginning. Lot's that doesn't need to be worried about is being worried abour. Oh bother, oh dear, here to see another year.


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