in which i write to you

It seems that my thoughts lately are about “what ifs,” “what isn’t,” “ what didn’t” and tonight I felt a big sense of “I didn’t,” and “why?”

Anxiety has been my companion lately, keeping me on my toes and ever presently worried. I can jump at the sound of a door opening, someone coughing, or a door closing. Maybe it’s the doors I should be studying so intently, worrying about their openings and closings and how I can better not miss them. I’m talking in circles a bit and I’ll talk it out a bit better soon. It’s too close, a door too freshly in motion to determine if it is a closing or an opening.

In other news, don’t miss the opened blogging door that is my true cousin love, Rebecca. She’s a New Yorker by way of the south. She writes poetry and has a bit of my heart. Read her.

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