return policy

What I dd this weekend was 1- family time and more importanlty (because it's always more important) 2- shop. I shopped like I haven't shopped in months because, well- I haven't. I've been extrememly good on the budget front- well good enough.

Why is it that women so easily succumb to the shopping bug? I wanted (and did a few times) to buy frivolous things this weekend and the only thing I really needed, that I even went shopping for was a battery charger for my camera. I used to be queen of buying things that I really didn't need. There was a fime when money was no object, when I didn't have real life bills to pay and so my paychecks went straight to shopping and not the ever wiselier savings account. I wish I could rewrite those few years, rewind the tape to shake myself, slap the goods out of my hand and open that IRA months (!) earlier than I did. But, I didn't. We live, we learn. But, there is still something in the power of shopping. I believe that retail therapy fufills some primal urge that goes deeper than just trying to fill the void in your life. There is something self sustaining and empowering in the knowledge that as a grown-up, if you want it, you really can have it. And i did and now I have a pile of returns because in reality- I can still get buy, breathe in an out with that extra pair of pajamas, bicycle shorts and reading glasses.


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