in which i say something i shouldn't

It's been a while coming and I know that you could see it. And it's time for me to own up to it. I'm taking a blogging break. It's not a stopping or a quitting. It's just a break, not a break down or even a break up, just a break.

I'll be back. When the blogging bug bites again and the writing wells up in throughout the day, flooding my mind with things I have to write down and send into the void that is the Internets. I just don't want writing to be forced and now it is not coming. It is not fluid in me as it has been and I don't believe in fighting that fight, making something of nothing- I've tried that tactic in my life and it never seems to be what you think it is, but it always disappoints.

In the meantime- go read a good book, teach a kid to sing while hanging upside down, blow bubbles in the bathtub, dress in you most comfortable clothes and love the sunshine and the green grass and the smell of the people you cherish when they come near you.

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