miss cellophane

Cellophane. It’s my new favorite wrapping material. I’ve just wrapped 2 presents for today’s scheduled parties and yes, one is wedding related and yes, I’m over it. As I went through my quite vast assortment of wrapping material I landed on the cellophane for the first package because I had to due to it’s odd shape and then I just had to us the cellophane again for the next one, it’s just too fun. And, while wrapping, I walked around singing “Cellophane, Mister cellophane” from Chicago. And now, I’m just chillin’ before I have to leave to drive all over Virginia in one day. I’m usually a last minute shopper and would typically be out buying the presents right now. But, I’ve learned to stockpile presents so that I can just pull from the bunch and go. But, my last minuteness is not totally gone, I’m really waiting on my clothes in the dryer and I was suppose to leave like 5 minutes ago. Oh well, people love me anyway, despite all the lateness and last minute presents, tags still on. I am, in fact, not Miss Cellophane cause you gotta notice the girl who is fashionably late.

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