uva, uvb, I don’t know upick

So, I went to the doctor yesterday to get a mole checked out. Since I had blistering sunburn 10 years ago, I have been cautious with suspicious items on my skin. Turns out that melanoma does not necessarily strike the area that was burned (interesting). And the mole or whatever seems to be nothing (thank God). This was my first visit to this doctor in Richmond so I had to fill out all the info. sheets and sign away my life, literally. Well, since it was the last day of school I had a little trouble leaving when I wanted to and then when I got to the hospital there was an unexpected game of chicken for the limited parking spaces. So, I finally grab one and walk quickly through the soupy, muggy air (wearing jeans no less) and make it to the fourth floor about 7 minutes late for the appointment. I get my papers and sit down. I write and write and then pause to actually read the clauses before I sign them when the receptionist moves the glass plate that blocks out the waiting area (um, it’s glass people, we can still see and hear you) and this is what she says “Miss Banana, the nurse is waiting for you because she was expecting you at 3:30. Can you write faster because you’re late?” “Yeah, OK,” I say. And then it dawns on me that I should have stood up on a chair or something and announced to the waiting area “Hi, my name is Anna and I’ll be late today.”

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