the last of the syllabus

So I haven’t been great at blogging lately, especially since I returned from vacation. I even wrote those beach ones on vacation when I was up late at night and bored. But, now back at home there are things to distract me. I should be writing all day since I have no job, but I picked up a few kids to consult on and tutor so that takes up a few hours a week and then well, today, I’m just procrastinating. I have my final paper due for a class that finished on Tuesday night. The paper was actually due Tuesday, but she gave us an extension and I took it. I am the worst procrastinator. I will put things off until it is 2 hours to deadline, but this stress is really what gets my creativity and productivity going. I’ve tried to be diligent and work on things early and it is so lackluster that it seems a waste of time. I’ve tried to put my own deadlines on things to make me work on it and then go play, but no, again, I don’t fall for my own tricks. So, today, I probably should have turned it in sometime this morning, but she didn’t give us a time and so I haven’t started. But, now, now I’m getting ready to start. It should only take two hours or so, unless I read some blogs, or turn on the TV, or have to call that friend back, or have to find that CD that’s been missing for 3 months because only THAT CD will make me productive. Anyway, off to work on it, *wink*.

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