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We at mind the gap are a happy and loving lot. We like diversity and we like to celebrate with our friends when they have things to celebrate. Today is such a day! Today is Bastille Day in France, a day of celebrating the end of monarchal rule. And so, in honor of our French friends, a list of things we love from France, or things that France pimped out to us.

• the Statue of Liberty
• le baguette (yummy)
• the colors of the French flag
• fashion
• le croissant (even yummier)
• Dijon mustard
• Champagne
• Cannes Film Festival
• toy dogs (because the French took them everywhere long before Paris Hilton was born)
• Jaques Costeau
• Les Mis (though in French it would be lost on me)
• Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard and the wild boy of Aveyron
• Matisse, Degas, La Tour, Cezanne, Monet, Rodin, Renior, to name a few
• Joan of Arc
• “Let them eat cake.”

This list does not endorse the loving of all things French because those French didn’t go to Iraq with us so we said "the heck with you too." Our amazing and welcoming country forgot that French troops helped us in the American Revolution and about the gift that France once bestowed on us, the Statue of Liberty, and said, "We’ll call French fries, Freedom fries instead," ignoring the fact that French fries are actually from Belgium. “Ha, take that you French,” our government said. Well, those French were pretty spot on and had a sense that Bush was blowin’ smoke about weapons of mass of nothin’. Darn those French! Happy Bastille Day everyone!

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