They say that your first year of teaching is the worst in terms of illness. Every time a child gets a cold, you get a cold. You slowly build your immunity to the point that after teaching for 10 or 15 years you don’t even sneeze anymore. Well, I’m still working on my immunity. It still seems that every time there is a runny nose in my vicinity, I will come down with a cold. And true to form, it’s the beginning of the school year and I’m being exposed to a variety of germs and I now have a head cold. It’s just that I love the kids and I have to work closely with them because of my job. And even though I wash my hands frequently, those little boogers somehow infect me. I hate being stuffed up. It’s like you head is stuck in a balloon, but the rest of your body is perfectly fine. At least I’ve taken up knitting again so that kept my busy last night. Now, I just have to suffer through a school day of screaming kids and then back to bed for me. Maybe a movie tonight and chicken soup. That sounds good to my runny nose.

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