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Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 6:28 PM
Subject: london day 7- last day

I don't want to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may not, actually.

So today started with breakfast at hotel again, earlier than usual around 8:30am. Then to Leicester Square to pick up a half price ticket, this time Les Mis. It was a toss up between Phantom and Les Mis, but the revoluntionaires won. I have to say that today was the first dayt here was a que and I guess that's cause I got there when it opened. But, let me also say that if you thought there were no Americans in London, all you have to do is go to the half price ticket booth in Leicester Square, they're there. Met some women from California, must have been a grandmas adventure to England. So, then to Farlow's on Pall Mall, since was right around the corner. Sorry, Tem, Barbour jackets are cheaper at the Orvis Outlet in the states. Then to the Tate by way of double decker bus. Saw everything again, Piccadilly Circus, the Horse Gaurd's, Westminster Abbey, Parliment, ect... Got off at Pimilico School and after wandering around a bit, went in and asked about working in the London as a teacher, they directed me to a website, of course. Then to the Tate for real. Saw some great contemporary stuff and lots of stuff by Turner(I didn't know him- not an art history major or minor- but, he's pretty darn good). Then to Covent Garden to the London Trasnsport Museum to buy a poster of the tube. Covent Garden is so fun and while there walked by a restuarant as a waitress was saying to a waiter "I guess the mobile was sitting on the table." Then another waiter, running away, says "I'll just go look and see if there are police around." There is a big problem of mobile phone theft here, and in the states we beg people to recycle! Ate a cafe in the middle of Covent Garden Piazza, Italian again. Then back home to rest a little. Then out to Kensington High Street. Stopped by a french bakery on Kensington Church St. (thanks again Auntie A) for a chocolate eclair- yummy! Ate it in Kensington Gardens. Then on a mission to find a jelewry store for a charm for my bracelet. Think Sloane Sqare, right- WRONG! After walking up and down's King's Rd. I finally figure there is no jelewry store, ask for help and they point me to Gucci's- um, no! So, then hop tube to Harrods, run in, buy a charm, run out to Leicester Square, down Charing Cross (sorry A, 84 is now a Pizza Hut) and to LES MIS!!!!! It was AWESOME, probably the best I've seen and the last time I saw it was New York so that's saying something, I think. Recommend highly, in fact would like to stay in London if not only for the amazing theatre I've seen in the last week. Then tubed it home again and here to write to you. Not that exiciting of a day, but I'm so sad to leave. I don't want to go back, no no, you can't make me!!!!!!!!!!! From Bayswater, Queensway Road, this is my last email from London! Be home, this time tomorrow :(:(:(:(:( But, it's not my last trip, want to come with me next time?

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