the London chronicles, explained

Spring Break is looming. Its 2 weeks away and I have nothing planned. It’s mostly due to the lack of finances. I was hoping to go to NYC because I derailed my Christmas trip this year, but even NYC is not financially possible. But, it doesn’t mean that I’m not pining for travel. And lately, I’ve been pining for London again.

In the spring of 2003, I was footloose and fancy free and decided to go to London, alone. I had the money and I took the time and went. It was brilliant. The previous posts were my emails home, which I would write from 2 Internet cafes on Queensway Road in Bayswater, just a block from Kensington Gardens.

I miss Queensway Road. I would pop into Queensway or Bayswater tube stations to begin my days in London. I did a lot of wandering. I did a lot of shopping. I did a lot of loving London. There is just something about that town. I miss the tube.

I want to go to London again. Soon. But, because I can’t I thought I’d share my emails with you. I hope you got a glimpse of the London I love. I hope you pine for it too. I hope you visit. Soon.

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