i’m the sister

I’m old. I realize this. The days of drinking all-night and paying for it the next day (or sometimes 2) are not happening. I don’t care how you try and persuade me. I did my partying in college. I’m done with that. I prefer a night out with good friends, good wine, and good hours long conversations.

Last night I had to take a disco nap. My night started with me leaving at 10:10pm and coming home about 3 hours later. In college, I would baby-sit ‘til 10 then take that money to the bars for a night out. Now, I take naps so I can handle the late nights.

Being the sister for a bass player is fairly cool. It used to be cooler when saying “he’s my brother” impressed people with open mouths and “shut ups” and got me kisses from famous musicians. I could care less now and I told a friend yesterday that I was glad she loved me long before she knew about my connections. I don’t make friends through impressing them, never have, and don’t want to. If you know me and we are close then I’ll hook you up. And I expect nothing in return, but good conversations.

Kristen journeyed out with me last night. It was her attempt to color outside the lines a bit, a promise she made to herself a few months back. I’m glad she went. I’m glad she’s my friend and we met in such a happenstance way. She says she believes that things happen they way they should.

In the semi-crowded, smoke filled club I realized how much I miss the days of traveling to see my brother play his bass. Standing there stoically strumming, on big stages or small ones, there is just something amazing about seeing someone who shares the same genes up there playing for all the people that surround you. I miss his music too. And I didn’t know I did.

When my brother’s turn came to sing a song, a huge smile spread across my face and I realized how proud I am of him and how much I wish the band had “made it” when they had the chance. But boy bands were the rage then. Sometimes, I wish we could reverse time or fast forward it or something, and somehow we could see where the puzzle pieces fit and we wouldn’t lay them down a moment too soon. Or maybe, like Kristen says, things happen the way they should.

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