bachelorette 101

Take one bride-to-be, add bridesmaids, close friends, alcohol, other adult accoutrements, Never Have I Ever Jenga, and a late night out at the bars. You will get a party night where things are discussed and revealed about friends and people you just met that you never thought you’d ever learn. And you’ll realize that behind close doors, we’re all the same, sort of.

I would like to tell all men (especially the exceptionally drunk ones) that approaching a bachelorette party is a good idea and answering our embarrassing questions is much appreciated. However, please do not outstay your welcome and stop hitting on the married or soon to be married girls. While their attention may stroke your ego, that’s all that will be stroked with these ladies. And to the 38 year-old mortgage broker who tried to convince me that he was going to Iraq in order to arrange a pity hook-up, I’d like to call “Bullsh*t” on you and thanks for playing. Boys, truth is so much more appreciated than any line or seemingly interesting lie. Now, let’s all sober up and come back to reality.

And this is why I don’t miss the drunken bar scene.

Congrats to J., the bride-to-be. It was much fun.

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