sometimes is not enough

What I’ve realized and what every girl needs to realize is that what happened in the past is in the past. What I mean by this is along the same lines as HJNTIY . While the book annoys me and I believe only truly applies to 85% of all men, it has much truth.

There are times that I reminisce through old letters, old emails. My heart flutters and my stomach does flips thinking that someone, a he, was thinking about me. I cling to these memories at times, these “once upon a time” moments of affection or flirting.

But, “once upon a time” is not now and really has no bearing on the present because if the boy who sent those words could not or would not send those same words at this exact moment then the past is the past and should be left there.

But, sometimes, we need those glimmers of past lives to flicker back up and give us hope. Because if someone could feel that way once, then someone could feel that way again. And this life would not be a collage of “once of time-s."

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