There is a disclaimer on the side that states that there will be mistakes and typos on this blog. It's an easy out, but it's really an explanation of who I am. I struggle with grammar. I'm human. I'm not going to be pompous and pretend that my writing is in any way perfect. It's not. It's fraught with mistakes and I'm OK with that. Sure, I wish I knew and understood the nuisances of writing, but I don't.

I am a simple friend. I want my friends to be exactly who they are around me. I don’t like pretenders and fakers or wannabes. And that is how I view my writing. It isn’t a pretender or a faker or a wannabe. It is what it is and that, sadly, is fraught with mistakes. Just like I am. Just like you are.

I’d just like to highlight “he,” the commenter on the 11.4.04 post in which he says “bare children? Seeing that it is still winter, that is cruel and unusual. Bundle them up, rather.” He wrote this comment on 3.26.05 so it took someone else to tell me it was hidden way back in the archive.

I love comments. I relish them. I don’t like smartasses. “He” turned out to be correct. I had used the wrong word. But, come on. Email me the mistake. Don’t make fun of it. However, since he left no email I’ll correct him. When I wrote that post it was not Winter. It was early November. We call that Fall. When he wrote the comment it was late March. We call that Spring. So, I guess we both stand corrected.

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