and you will know us by the trail of dead

Anna says: (7:09:30 PM)
but, what was that song
PK says: (7:09:38 PM)
we watched the movie De Lovely last night
Anna says: (7:09:40 PM)
that was so excited that jesus was dead
PK says: (7:09:41 PM)
It was cute
PK says: (7:09:44 PM)
have you seen it?
Anna says: (7:09:48 PM)
i liked that one
Anna says: (7:09:49 PM)
a lot
Anna says: (7:09:55 PM)
i love cole porter
PK says: (7:09:56 PM)
I cried
Anna says: (7:10:05 PM)
there's no crying in basefall
Anna says: (7:10:09 PM)
Anna says: (7:10:33 PM)
still, i don't think i could have lived the life of his wife
Anna says: (7:10:38 PM)
it's like will and grace
PK says: (7:10:56 PM)
yeah I know but she didn't get to have any fun on the side
Anna says: (7:11:10 PM)
that's what i'm saying, it would suck to be here
Anna says: (7:11:12 PM)
Anna says: (7:11:24 PM)
was that a fruedian slip i just did there, with the here
Anna says: (7:12:28 PM)
but hello, at least someone loved her. i can't even get that much. oh, woe is me.
PK says: (7:12:48 PM)
well you have to want it first
Anna says: (7:13:29 PM)
i do want it, i want it more than anything, and yet it absolutely terrifies me because i don't believe it's possible
PK says: (7:13:55 PM)
ok let me rephrase it....you have to ready for it
PK says: (7:14:09 PM)
getting over the fear is step one
Anna says: (7:14:14 PM)
how do you ready yourself to be loved?
PK says: (7:14:57 PM)
be willing to accept peoples love, compliments, attention
PK says: (7:15:03 PM)
as of now that freaks you out
PK says: (7:15:06 PM)
Anna says: (7:15:13 PM)
you know me so well
Anna says: (7:15:38 PM)
because i don't believe it, they must want something if they're nice to me
Anna says: (7:15:54 PM)
i think also that i've secluded myself a lot in the last 2 years
Anna says: (7:16:03 PM)
and that i've gotten out of the practice of people
PK says: (7:16:12 PM)
I can believe that
PK says: (7:16:24 PM)
so with the summer ahead go become people friendly
Anna says: (7:17:22 PM)
yeah, you're so like "just do it," right, i'll get right on that. i just don't think the shoes fit
Anna says: (7:17:29 PM)
i create this. i know it.
Anna says: (7:17:45 PM)
hey go read my post from this weekend. www.anna-banana.blogspot.com
Anna says: (7:18:07 PM)
and see what my cousin commented.
Anna says: (7:18:10 PM)
i love him
PK says: (7:20:01 PM)
PK says: (7:20:10 PM)
I know just do is easier said than done
PK says: (7:20:20 PM)
but do you have any better ideas than to just jump in?
PK says: (7:20:35 PM)
kidnapp K an go do something fun
Anna says: (7:20:52 PM)
yeah, her boy is in town or something
Anna says: (7:20:55 PM)
damn boys
Anna says: (7:22:05 PM)
ok, you go be a grown up and either find a house or write your paper. i'm going to go, well, um, dream about boys.
PK says: (7:22:22 PM)
ok I hope you sleep better tonight
PK says: (7:22:27 PM)
is school out yet?
Anna says: (7:22:32 PM)
wed., baby
PKsays: (7:22:53 PM)
oh yeah you said that all ready

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