happy birthday a.h.

We’d been roommates since first year. We’d gone from dorms to an apartment with roommates to an apartment with our own rooms, lofts, and bathroom sinks. Essentially, we went from common to posh and it only took four years. And then we graduated.

She took a job in insurance. I was in graduate school. She quit that job and moved. I started teaching. She then tried real estate. I kept teaching. Then she started teaching. I said, “Uh, what?” when she told me in a quiet hushed voice over the phone, “Nanna, I think I want to be a teacher.”

See, she’s not the teacher type at first glance. While I was cutting and pasting my way through our #1 public university in the nation school, she was gallivanting with frat boys and studying Anthropology. And no, we still don’t know why she chose that major.

Upon closer inspection, she’s the best fit for a teacher, of high schoolers that is. She organized like NOBODY’S business. She's always got everything together and straight. And even when she was partying and being rowdy in college, on school nights, she was in bed my 9pm, 10 at that latest. I never did figure that one out. And she doesn’t put up with much. She doesn’t tolerate lip or arguments. She’s strong willed, but it’s a good thing. And she’s got a humor that could make even the most jilted teenager laugh. She even dresses as her school’s mascot for football games. And the football players have taken her under their wing. They even give her jersies to wear. I don’t know if they know she’s married to a man who shoots animals in the woods. I’m sure it’s all innocent anyway.

And, she’s got a heart of gold. What more does a teacher need? She’s the kind that pushes her students and expects a lot out of them, but I’m sure she’s also the one that can be a shoulder to lean on when they need it.

So, it took her 7 years, but this blond-headed, I-go-to-bed-early girl followed right along in my footsteps. How’s the summer treatin’ ya, teach?

And just because she copycatted me, she deserves a fabulous birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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