"leave the gun, take the cannoli"

Guys respond to girls who quote The Godfather. Eyes light up, voices that have been mute start talking. It’s like you popped a boob out. And true to form, such was tonight. Little did they know that that quote came from You've Got Mail where Tom Hanks quotes The Godfather. I'm smoothe like that. And then some.

The things I loved about today:

I illegally parked to run in and get my dry cleaning and didn’t get caught.
I learned that a friend is pregos.
I’m 3 days away from talking to a boy possibility.
I totally only had $3 for my $4 parking fee after the rehearsal dinner and after some very AWKWARD reaching around to the back seat to the purse I could not reach and then backing up and getting out and to get the purse and searching frantically for another dollar, the parking attendant let me go.
My dad and his reward points.
Internet in my hotel room, thank the dear LORD!

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