(part of) my life in (clear) pictures

My camera arrived yesterday via UPS. And I tracked it, right down to the second the man walked up to the door and when he did I opened it before he could knock and threw my hands in the air and said "Woohoooooo!" He was not so amused. And then there was some awkwardness. Whatever.

So, I've been playing with it and it's beautiful 5.1 megapixels. I'm still learning aperture and shutter speed and sadly don't have control of focus (the digital world, while wonderful, can suck too). Here are some things in my life. And stories to go with them.

This is the chandelier in my dining room decorated with Christmas ornaments all year long. It began with the star shaped picture frame. which you'll notice has no picture. I got it as a present in May from a family who's child with autism I tutored for a year and didn't know what to do with it so I put up. Then my brother and sister-in-law gave me the fish during a beach trip. Then my mother bought the red shoe at Neima Marcus for me while we were Dallas for my cousin's wedding. The ball with spikes was made by my niece and nephew and just might be my favorite. The purse was a gift from my aunt who loves my knitted purses and wanted to commerate them. See, even the smalles things can tell the story of your life. This is how I like to decorate, with my life stories.

Why my sister-in-law thought of me when she saw this, I don't know. But, I kinda love it.

I think you know that A is for Anna. I believe in putting it (your initials) out there!

A Kmart purse, Saks Fith Avenue shoes and a mess in the background. So my life. But that bag in the background is Liberty, love it, baby.

One shelf of one bookcase. There are many of both. On this one, an eclectic mixture. There is Elizabth Bishop, Bridget Jones, U2, Frank McCourt, Ezra Pound, Bill Moyers, T.S. Elliot. Please ignore the tarnished silver candle holders. It's the way I roll.

My billowy bed. This one is a little fuzy, playing with aperture, but notice purses hanging on the wall.

Part of my city through the 15th floor of a downtown building.

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