almost awash

1- so, for the first time in like 47 days (or something) i really thought hard about not posting anything. but, this habit i've started can't be stopped.

2-my head hurts. and i've taken ibuprofen. and it still hurts. bedtime will be a goodtime tonight because it will stop my head from hurting.

3-my brother called me from yankee stadium to tell me he was at a game which he got free tickets for and that he is going to the us open tomorrow. i took him to the train station on sunday for his little trip. do you think he'll come back with anything from one of my fav. city's for me? no! but, he will come back and tell me stories abou the yankees and the tennis players.

4-sometimes, i wish that i could fall a$$ backwards into free things. oh well, i'll deal with the not-yet-released david gray album he gave me. still, argh!

5-i can't take the katrina mess anymore. i can't believe this happened in america. that is the most shocking and bothersome thing, that it happened in america. sometimes, actually a lot of times, i want to kick our government because for as wonderful as we are, we can really not be so great sometimes.

6-i love me some jon stewart. rock on.

late edition 7-and i totally love me some david letterman.

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