a list

1- This post does not have a capitol A not because I don’t capitalize my post titles, but because this did not, in fact, begin as an A list kind of day.
2- The universe was against me this morning. I will not go into detail because it involves things I don’t talk about here, but I was saying some not so choice words on public streets. People probably thought I was “one of the crazies.” I’m OK with that.
3- People didn’t answer their phones. That helps me NONE!!!!
4- Driving around I decided that I love Death Cab for Cutie. We already established my love for The Postal Service. So, then I used some common denominator reasoning and decided that I should just marry Ben Gibbard.
5- I could have drilled a whole in my head today and it would have been more exciting and more pleasant than what I actually sat through.
6- If it doesn’t make sense then it really and truly probably won’t work. I’m just sayin’.
7- It is a dangerous thing to think that your opinion is the only correct one. It is dangerous not to listen to opinions that contradict your own. It is dangerous because no one, in any instance, is the absolute. We are human. We are fallible and because of this you need to be open to other views. You might just learn something and eat your own words.
8- I had to get my wheels aligned because that dodo place didn’t do it or offer to do in on Saturday and my Daddy told me to, so I had to go back there. I was totally scared that I would encounter HIM, but I didn’t, thank the DEAR FREAKING LORD ABOVE IN ALL FLIPPIN’ CREATION!
9- Maintenance installed a new microwave and they had to because the old one was shooting sparks and inside was a sticker stamped, "1989." Duh! But, let me tell you something about the new, 2005 version, IT ROCKS MY FOOD OFF!
10- People got things done that I desperately needed for them to get done and I’m all happy about that.
11- I really want to run to Lousiana, Alabama and Mississippi and wrap my arms around them.
12- I am stupid and selfish for worrying about the things I worry about when people down south have lost so freaking much. Thoughts and prayers people, thoughts and prayers.

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