this is what happens when i get a camera

i take really bad pictures of stuff you don't care about. and i'm really really tired. and this is one of those posts that i'm fudging (it's after 12am), but Blogger is good to me and will help me out on that little date thingy.

"it smells like football," is what I tell myself as i leave the house. i'm excited for a full day of football and friends.

first, i drive through the green tunnel to C-ville where my mighty HOOS reign supreme.

the day was beautiful because God loves Cavalier football too. and look at those mountains (hills, really). i miss them.

at my university, traditionally, the boys wear khakis and a buttondown and the girls wear sundresses. and then they get really, really drunk and stumble to the game (if they are lucky). i'm not so much doing that.

yes, our stadium has columns and just like Jefferson did, we like that. we have the 5th largest stadium in the ACC, we like that too. there is a lot of orange out there, but don't be fooled, there are a lot of khakis and sundresses too. our seats are in the nosebleeds, but our group likes that. we can see everything. the people on the 50 yard line can't see everything and we like to say "nah" to them. so, "nah."

here are some men in tight pants doing something on the field. i'm not sure what, but i'm pretty sure it's the reason why i came.

and i'd like to say to the 3 boys who tried so hard to get about 5,000 people in 10 different sections to do the wave, "way to go with that good old fashion college try. and WAHOOWA!"

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