it's all over but the cryin'

Today I did several things, the first of which was playing the original Super Mario Brothers game along with DuckHunt, which I totally rocked on. My little nephew was all, "Is this the first Nintendo game ever?" And I was all, "Uh, yeah" as I sat there with him playing the Nintendo that my brother and I got when I was about 12. And I threatened noogies-for-life because my nephew was flipping out over my DuckHunt score and totally making me lose my concentration. And ohmigod, I love some original Super Mario Brothers. And then, I was schooled in the game of Monopoly by an 8 year-old and while he has been certified as G-I-F-T-E-D, I have a Masters Degree. I'm just sayin'. And dude, I totally want kids.

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