i did not watch bush’s speech tonight, but it's ok, that's what foxnews is for

I came home late talking to my mom on my cell phone on the car ride home and through the courtyard and up the stairs and through the jingling of the keys and opening the door. “Where are you?” she said.

“I’m at my house,” I said with same teenaged “Duh!” in my voice I had when I was twelve and not even really a teenager.

“Oh, it sounded like you were in boxes.”

“In boxes?” my mind thought, but I suppressed the twelve year-old comment pushing through my throat.

I got off the phone with her after pleading that I needed to get ready for the next workday. I did, but more importantly I wanted to read my Internet; the blogs, the emails, the weather, whatever, I’m a little bit addicted to my laptop. And I’m not ashamed, NOT ashamed. (“It’s OK baby. I love you,” I whisper to my Apple Titanium.)

My old college roommate sent me an email from somewhere close to Mars. We’ve been bad out of touch, but she reads this site everyday, EVERYDAY. That is some loyalty. I’m not sure what I did in college to deserve it but baby, she gives it. I think she’s bored. Must be the boredom.

She writes, “How are you? well, i kinda know how you are and bits of what is going on with you b/c I literally pull up your blog every day of the week at work to read it. I'm so glad you do it every day, b/c I would be disappointed if it was not there.”

She makes my heart flutter a little bit. And then she goes on to ask the standard thousand questions and sneaks this one in, “is there a love interest??? I haven't read anything lately about that.....further details would be appreciated!”

Well, Bethie, let me lay it out for you. I’m all open! Sure, there are things I don’t tell the Internet, well there’s a lot actually, but Bethie on this little topic it’s not so hard to read in between the lines. And I’m tempted to pull out the twelve year-old in me and yell “Duh!” through the Internet. Actually, I think I just did.

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