I don't like to talk about political stuff here. But, I will say this: Finally. Finally, Bush has claimed mistakes and acted like a man and a bit of a leader.

When Clinton was president I was still, possibly, a Republican. I come from staunch, hard-core, close-minded, we-care-only-for-our-own-children-and-money-but-we-claim-to-be-very-Christian stock. And I shamefully even worked on a Republican's campaign when I was in high school. I've learned my lessons since then. But, when Clinton was in office, I couldn't handle his liberal, democratic sleaziness. I would turn the channel purposely any time he made a speech. From the beginning, I couldn't listen to him and not feel that I was being a bit charmed. Though not really. He never charmed me. I always felt dirty and dumb after listening to him. And this was pre-Monica. In retrospect I very much admire things that Clinton did for our country. While he made some big mess-ups, all-in-all, I'm not so unhappy with the way he left things. I wish now that I had listened to his speeches. I might have become less of a Republican sooner, although, somehow, I doubt it.

I haven't liked Bush from the get-go. He alone has made me switch my political seats. I've never voted for him, but as his presidency wains on I realize that I will never vote for a Republican again. I just can't. I see the selfishness in the party in up close and personal ways. While I don't love Democrats or everything they stand for, I do love that they tend to be more socially minded. Who founded the Peace Corp.? Who was head of the New Deal? Right? Right.

So, tonight, Bush took ownership. He stood like a man at a podium and claimed that he and his government are fallable and that they, indeed, fouled up.

A letter-

Dear Bushy,

Thank you. Thank you for finally having truthfulness and purposefulness in your voice. Becuase I can't stand it when you give your talking points with a twinge of I'm-a-pissed-off-rancher-and-I-don't-have-the-answers-and-I-couldn't-prounce-them-even-if-I-did-so-stop-asking in your voice. Tonight, your voice actually had confidence and I think that might be because only truthfulness in this matter brings confidence in you. Mainly, you do a lot of "I'm tough, we're tough." But, honey, we all know you're not a really rancher. You haven't had to live off your land. So, stop pretending and start doing what you did tonight, speaking to your people with truth and assuredness in your voice. We want that in you, even if it means you claim your mistakes. Becasue honesty will ALWAYS win my heart.

Bananna (I know, if you could spell, you'd be all confused. No worries.)

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