if only for the birthday cards, you wish you were my friend

My friend Post just got a birthday card from me. It's 3 years late. It's how I roll. And she doesn't live in Seattle anymore, hasn't for the last 2 years. Enter today's emails:

On 9/7/05, Post No Bills wrote:

Hey Anna....YOU ROCK!!! Thanks so much for the brithday card. My I sure felt super special when I opened it upon my return from my trip. Thanks a bunch!!

Talk with you soon,


On 9/7/05, Gap Girl < gapgirl@gmail.com> wrote:


Yeah that was the birthday card I forgot when I came to visit you in Seattle, so even when I wrote "2 years late" on it, it was still a year late. And you're right, I totally rock!

Anna :)

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