listing to the right a bit

1- My father sent an email forward with the subject: "How to have a happy marraige." I didn't open it.

2- Liz Phair's new song that did or will appear on Desperate Housewives, I may have family connections to that.

3- I can't decide whether or not to go to see David Gray in DC. It's two hours away on a Monday. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, but dude, I love concerts. Argh decisions.

4- I can't listen to Coldplay anymore solely for the fact that I am NOT going to their concert this Friday in DC and listening to them creates a pain in my heart.

5- I'm totally addicted to Laguna Beach and I have no problems admitting that I enjoy watchign the follies of spoiled blond 18 year-olds who live in an unrealistic paradise in southern California. Whatever.

6- The word separating has a rat in it. I'm just saying.

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