much too soon

I’m about to go to see In Her Shoes. I’ve been dying to see it ever since Jennifer. started blogging about the production of the movie. And yes, because I’ve emailed back and fourth (one time, but who’s counting) with the author of the book I feel that I can call her Jennifer. Why am I just now going to see this long awaited movie that is now only showing in a movie theatre 30 minutes from my house? Well, that would be because I’m lazy. And it’s a late showing at 10pm. For a Friday night, that might as well be 2am. Friday nights are I’m-exhausted-I’m-going-to-bed-at-7pm nights. So, to combat the eyelids overcoming our faces, Kristin and I decide we need Starbucks beforehand.

“Oh and they have their Holiday flavors out now,” says my sister-in-law when I tell her of the plan.

“No, no. There will be no celebration of Christmas until the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! I am VERY particular about that!”

“OK, but that Gingerbread Latte sure was good this morning.”

“You’re crazy. I will not partake. In fact, this morning I made my own Pumpkin Spiced Latte and it was so good I decided that the freeness of it tasted much better than it’s $3.50 counterpart.”

You see, I may need caffeine to keep my lazy ass up all night to watch chick lit on film, but I WILL NOT drink an Eggnog Latter before it’s time. Harrumph!

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