colds and letters

The thing about winter is the inevitable cold. I love the cold. I hate the cold. The cold I love comes from the air and makes you put on sweaters, drink tea and read books. The cold I hate makes your throat sore, nose run and body ache. It's just a love/ hate thing.

Today I got a the 2nd real, handwritten letter from a friend in two weeks. There is something about real letters that can knock colds on their faces. Your body stops aching for the 2 minutes you read your friends words and you don't notice that your bare feet are freezing on the stone steps near the mailbox.

I tear through real mail. I skim it looking for stories and excitement then have to go back and reread. I made a little pledge to myself to try and possibly write a letter to a friend a week. Yeah, and I also said that I would write for my writing class everyday. Cold or no cold, some things never change.

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