it never ends, happy (late) birthdays to d.h. and j.s.

Well, I've done it again and again, missed two more birthdays. However, I think, and hope, that the cards made it on time.

D.H. had her lovely birthday on the 27th. We're getting old, but she's got a new boy she's really digging and I hope it works out for her. I miss her lots and lots.

Happy Birthday D.H.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.S.'s last initial is a new one. She got married this summer and guess what, I still haven't sent her her present. Yep, left it on the dining room table when I went to her wedding this summer and everytime I go to the post office, I seem to forget that I also need to mail her present. I double suck for her. She's a rock-n-roll friend in that she reads this blog regularly, emails me and forgives my lackluster, or lack of, responses, calls me and leaves messages and when I don't even return those calls, she sends me a letter. Who rocks more than her?

Happy Birthday J.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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