My nieces came over unexpectanctly tonight for impromptu babysitting on my part. They ran from the minivan like they had been launched at Cape Canaveral. I picked them up and dragged them into my apartment while they talked about how they liked my window, my door, and my floor. It was like they had never seen building materials before in their lives. I love these little girls like I love air and every word from their mouths amazes me. The five year-old told me how she thought they discovered cupcakes. (Discovered, like they were something to be unearthed. Ha.) Apparently, as she states, someone make some cake batter and put it in muffin cups and that made cupcakes. She talked about it with an air of “once a long long time ago.” We were spooning pumpkin bread into a mini-muffin pan. Then we spent 30 minutes reading books and I thought to myself that there could be nothing in the world better than smelling pumpkin bread baking while reading book after book to wide eyed beautiful girls who have so much to learn, so much love to give and so many cupcakes to ponder.

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