list making

I don’t believe in making resolutions, those yearly one-line diatribes that will “make my life better.” Bahumbug is what I say to that. But, I LOVE making lists. Like love them. Sometimes when I make my “things to do” list, I hover for a few minutes after I’m done just hoping for something else to pop into my mind so that I can write in down. On that note, some things I’ve been thinking about, but really shouldn’t put on a “to do” list.

- submit something to be published
- sell some purses to an actual store
- take a million pictures which are worthy of sharing
- read at least 2 books a month
- write every durn day even when I feel like not
- find “the one”
- be OK if “the one” never finds me
- listen to “this American life” weekly
- turn off the TV
- make some jewelry, sew some things, paint some things, i.e. use up all the stuff in my craft boxes
- go to nyc, tx, charlotte, and d.c. for extended vacations in the next 6 months
- sing at a karoke bar
- write to an author
- write to one friend a week
- cut my hair short
- sell stuff on ebay
- paint my bed
- go to one of those 8 minute dating things (ahhhhhh)
- go see some improve comedy
- see at least one play, one concert, and one book reading this year
- have people over for dinner or munchies more often

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