in which i have nothing to say

Not being on vacation makes my mind a bit dried up. A friend told me to use Nantucket and push it through my writing. I've done no writing, here or in real life, since I left that perfect bit of earth. I'll stop talking about it now. It's better that way, to let the silence create the distance we need, to heal a wound that was never even made.

We did go to NYC on the way home and I took pictures of the cupcakes in the window at Magnolia Bakery -they were heaven, everything I've heard was true-, but my computer won't download my pictures for some reason and so you just have to imagine precious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with fat swirls of pastel colored buttercream. If you are anywhere near New York City, go down to 11th and Bleeker in the quaint and quiet West Village and grab some cupcakes. You can thank me later.

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