stitching the words together

In college, a poetry professor gave us an assignment for a take home exam that told us to take the last line of any poem and use that line for first line of a new poem we were to write. I loved this challenge and from it came a dark poem that I didn’t know was inside me. Sometimes I think about lines and verses becoming my first line of a story, a poem, a conversation. Here are a few of some that reverberate in my mind often. And stitched together they might even stand as a poem.

those who find themselves ridiculous sit down next to me

and I want life in every word
to the extent that it’s absurb

baby you’re a lost cause

and I think it’s gonna rain today

kiss me goodnight and tell me my prayers

do you carry every sadness with you,
every hour your heart was broken,
every night the fear and darkness lay down with you?

because you’re mine, I walk the line

and I will try to fix you

they say guilt can penetrate the thickest walls

falling down’s as common as the rain

where there’s now one there will be two

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