christmastime's a'coming

To say that Christmas is my favorite season is to say, "Hello, my name is Anna."

I'm not a Christmas sweater,jingle-bell earring wearing Christmas lover. I'm the Christmas music 24-7, baking special Christmas only recipes, eggnog drinking, finding the perfect Christmas card, holiday party, real tree trimming Christmas lover.

And the best thing about Christmas is the long break I get from work. I'm sitting in Panera Bread just wiling away the hours. I had a massage yesterday after strolling down Carytown shopping with a friend. I love the relaxed feel of time off at Christmas. It's better than summer, or Spring Break, or even the perfectly planned weekend. I'm just enjoying things right now and writing here on my little space in the World Wide Web has not been top priority. I'll get back here soon. My plan today is to sit here and write and write and write until I'm tired of writing, but never, never tired of Christmas.


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