stress dreams

I took a nap today though it wasn't at all on the agenda or the timetable, but I'm trying as best I can to push back the cold that is edging slowly up my throat. Keeping the cold bug at bay through Thanksgiving is my goal. But while napping, I was in that comotose state where you are aware of things around you, but so very asleep that you can't move. I have these naps when I am my most tired and still have many things that should keep me from taking naps. So, in the dreams I had I had not accomplished the evergrowing list of pre-Wednesday travel day items and thus, ruined Thanksgiving. I'm so tired. I'm so stressed, about little things like making scarves, hats, and Christmas CDs for my cousins. I just love giving too much and I don't have the money to mail everything so this is a one shot deal and there is no time to get it all done. And did I mention that I'm getting sick?

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