driving rain

I used to think my car was the bomb because it was brand new in 2000 with things I had never really considered a car could have. I had been driving a 1987 white, standard Saab that my oldest brother gave to me my second year in college. After graduate school and several months where exhaust fumes began circulating in the car and after 4 wrecks (2 not my fault), a new exhaust system that didn't fix the exfixation problem, I decided to you use my brand new job contract and lay down some signatures for a large amount of money that I didn't yet possess. It sounded like a really good idea to me. Basically, I just wanted a CD player so that I could listen to Jerry Sienfeld's new comedy CD while on road trips.

I've since decided that I will drive this car 'til it dies, or I do, whichever comes first. It's mine now, no large chunks of monthly income going out the window as I drive down the street. Now, wads of cash just billow from the exhaust pipe, happily polluting the trees which I have come to appreciate since I bought the gas guzzingly SUV.

If for some reason I still own this tank when my nephew is 16 I will have to give it to him. I doubt he'll remember though; I made the promise when he was 4. But, then the car was really cool still with the new car smell and shininess. I thought then that even though I couldn't concieve of the new fangled things that cars in 2013 might look like, I thought having a 6 disc CD changer in the armrest would raise my nephew's status among his friends to uber cool. I thought of the hours of music he would roll down the street blasting from those shiny discs spinning beside him. This was before the iPod was really big, it was 2000 still.

So much has changed. I craved an iPod on my drive today through the fog induced rain with no heat. The windshield was fogged and blurred for 3 hours because my tank is beginning to breakdown on me. When I pulled up to my parents' house, the first thing I said was, "I hate the rain. I hate my car." The driver's door is out of line and lets water in plus rushing wind, the powered seats don't work, and no matter what I tell the controls, the vents only blow cold air, even in the off position. It was not a fun 3 hour drive because the only thing that kept me sane were my heated leather seats and a fleece jacket. I guess some of the poshness hasn't totally worn off.

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