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I'm thinking of not doing anything for New Year's Eve. It's not a first for me, but it sure hasn't happened in a really long time. I spend every one with my best friend, but this year plans are a little sketchy and I would just feel like I'm crashing into someone's home. The ironic thing is that I have 2 other invitations to parties. That never happens. Never. I feel a little popular if not totally riddled with anxiety of talking to strangers for hours upon end, hoping and just waiting for that ever-lasting hour to get here. I never love a New Year's. It's always so anti-climatic. There has only been one (well two) of any sort of memory worth the retelling-- which I'm not doing here.

That paragraph up there looked like I was boasting about having 3 possibilities for New Year's. I wasn't, not in the least. I hate boasting and boastful people-- reason 1 for not enjoying talking to strangers. And even so, I have 4 possibilities, one just isn't an invite-- it's a "hang out with a friend who's husband is like 13,000 miles away." She doesn't even know I've considered it. I wandered what she has planned.

Well, it's the "end of" no matter what we've got planned and according to "they" we must plan to start anew. I've got big things cooked up for 2007. I'm keeping them a secret and I resolve not to resolve anyway, it's just happens that these big plans are coming together (fingers crossed) right now. It's like the stars are alligning or some higgeldy-piggeldy idea like that.

To quote a Christmas card, "merry everything, happy always!"

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