morning brownies

What does it say about me when there are times that I am the happiest when things are baking in the oven, a movie is on and knitting is in hand? And I do mean I am happy and it’s not even a settling happiness. This is what I want. These are the moments I really enjoy, long for even. Was I born this old?

Where does this need to be so calm, so chill, so utterly un-wild come from? Scared? Possibly. Terrified? Definitely. Didn’t I just say it wasn’t a settling? And I don’t lie. I had the thought tonight that I should just throw caution to the wind and leap, just float, just fall. But, then I came out of my dream world.

The nest thought had something to do with adding espresso to brownies for the mornings that you don’t have time to make coffee. Ingenious? I know, right. But, not wild- in fact, so domesticated. And that’s me. In a nutshell I’m a little homemaker- for one. And I’m OK with that.

And it’s not difficult at all to fall for Jude Law.

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