my tivo is at one with my mind

In a concession I'm rather embarassed to admit- I have two TiVos. Why? It just happened. And really, with some extra high frequency/ radio wave gadgetry I really could easily just use one like in the old days, like last year.

But, two I have and the older, less shiny one remains in my bedroom where night time TV is my nightlight. My TiVo in the bedroom, however, still thinks the world is moving at a different hour. It's currently 11:45 and my TiVo thinks it's 10:46 yet it's still showing my beloved David Letterman. The TiVo people say it's just a "consmetic" change and will go away after April 1. APRIL 1!! What? I have to pretend that I live in eastern TX when I watch TV in my room for 3 weeks. Whatever. OK. Who are these TiVo people anyway? I wish I worked at TiVo.

Sometimes I think about living in another time zone. I wonder how different life is not because of the physical movement and environment, but solely because of time change. Time zoned kind of fascinate me, like how there is some state in the middle of the country (IA, OH???) that doesn't participate in the whole daylight savings time. Talk about my TiVo being confused! I don't think it could handle it.

So my TiVo wishes for the hour back and I'm not going to lie that so do I. More light in the evenings- who cares. Losing an hour of sleep and having to deal with the adjustment for a week or more- annoying. Thanks congress. I love you too.

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