wouldn't it seem

It would seem to simply follow that after the before post that I would begin posting again and yet...

I did have a post in me today, a post that rattled around and walked with me through the streets and someday it might come out, but not today. I'm working back to you. I'm always working my way back to you. And I'll be there- if not shortly then soon, very soon.

An old teacher I met again this past week said when writing that it's "more important to do less well than a lot, not well." I'm prescribing to her opinion by not doing any because well, let's face it- nothing here is done well.

She was an old high school teacher whom knows more than I ever knew. When I see her now I want to go back to myself in high school and shake that girl and scream, "Wake up. Take in every minute of knowledge she dishes out. Listen to her!!!" She captured me, this old teacher- now retired, but probably not enough. I was not the best in high school. I was a class skipper, a minimal effort-maximum gain kind of gal. I wish I hadn't been. I wish I had understood what was before me when it was. Can't we all use that line?

So, I'm working, working on writing less well, or a lot, or, whatever, something will come out of me one day.

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