i'm going to take your bucket and chuck it

when I get off the boat in Nantucket. To say I love this place is to say, "Hi, my name is Anna" and yet I don't belong at all. This is an island for the priviledged that you cannot imagine. It's not like you see a few people that you don't see everyday and think, "Man, that's a nice pair of $400 sunglasses he has on." It's seeing those people EVERYWHERE and thinking, "What exactly am I doing here?" In town today, at Nantucket proper, I said, while passing a posh shop (one of hundreds), "Look at those people in there. I couldn't even have lunch with them." Oh this sounds so "them" and "me" and I don't mean it that way. I'm just so uncleverly and tiredly painting a picture. It's not well versed or even practiced. This is my poor man's version of what the human scenery is here, but ignore all that and Nantucket will romance your socks off. From the weathered shingled houses to the impossibly perfect oceans views and anchored boats lazily floating in the sound, this place is everything you could imagine your perfect place to be. I love this island and I don't miss home at all.

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