why isn’t there such a thing as daughter’s day?

For week’s I have been wondering when exactly Father’s Day is. I know of course, that it’s in June and on a Sunday. But I feel like it moves around from year to year. I have, however, just learned that it’s always the 3rd Sunday of June each year. Hmm, I really have trouble with dates. I’m horrible at birthdays. Actually, horrible is probably not strong enough a word. My best friend and I will often send birthday cards that are 6 months late. But, we know that’s the way it is and we accept it, wholeheartedly. Others, however, are not so kind. I’ve known people to really get offended by others forgetting their birthdays. That’s just selfish in my opinion. I don’t know. I’m not a big birthday celebrator and never really have been. I’m trying to get better at it, but dates elude me. Like today, I was reading my daily blogs when Jennifer Weiner’s post mention’s father’s day and I have one of those “Oh my God, I’ve got to call my Dad” moments. I ran around looking for my cell phone and as I’m talking to my Dad I realize that I have not sent a card or anything. I quickly realize I will try to remedy the situation next week at family beach week, but still bad, bad of me. I sent my Mom a Mom’s day card (a days late of course), but nothing for my old Dad, who loves me so unconditionally. Sorry Dad. It’s not personal, I just stink. Well, I guess in my case, we’ve established why there is no Daughter’s Day. On the bright side, maybe the Father’s Day cards will be half-price tomorrow.

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