i think you’re acute too

So, I have an infection and from 6 to 10:45pm was in some SERIOUS pain. I went to a prompt care place nearby and pretty much cried the whole time as the pain got worse and worse. I thought about not going, about toughing it out. I don’t like to look like a hypochondriac, but after phone calls to mom and the worsening of the pain, I couldn’t not go. I’ve never seen any of the staff before and I went by myself so I’m sure the staff saw this crying girl and was like “Ok, what’s going on there?” As they sent me from the bathroom to x-ray room to testing room and 2 people walked in on me undressing then dressing, I cried. I cried around the nurse, the doctor, the x-ray tech. I winced and moaned and squirmed like I was having a baby. I’m not a crier and as a woman I can handle pain in the abdominal area pretty well. I couldn’t stop the tears, the pain was too much. So, after all the testing (and crying), the doctor on call gave me a bottle of vicodin. I think he felt sorry for me. I’ve taken the other meds, but not the vicodin yet. That powerful a drug scares me. And, thanks to the beautiful power of antibiotics (we are talkin’ serious ones here) and gentle Tylenol, I can walk and sit without moaning. I love medicine. I love doctors. And, I’m sure if I take the vicodin, I’ll love you too.

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