i met a boy

I met him two weeks ago before I went to the beach. I’ve been thinking about him ever since and am so happy when I see him. He lights up my face and makes me feel like I have the best life in the world. He is amazing. I’ve even met his family and they are amazing. He has a brother and sister and his dad his handsome and his mother is kind. They are calm and centered and welcoming. On Monday, his mother gave me five ears of corn, just because.

This boy is undescribable. It doesn’t matter what I write because you can’t possibly get the full scope of him. He has wisps of blond hair and blue eyes and when he says my name I melt. His personality shines even when he is in a different room. He is sweet and cuddly and playful and so much fun. And the reason that he lights up my day and makes me want to appreciate everything that I have is because he can’t walk because of a tumor on his spine and he has cancer and Downs Syndrome and he’s four years old. He deserves to live until he is 80 years old with a life filled with happiness and productivity and good people all around him. He deserves so much this little one, this boy that I met.

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