today is

a few hours drive listening to my favorite music. I think I'll take some calming Shannon Worrell, Dolly Parton, Nick Drake, and U2. Then amazing subs from a resturant in my hometown with my favorite people in the world, my cousins. Tonight is talking and catching up and drinking and just being with these amazing people. Tomorrow is waking up with my cousins and watching the Macy's parade, seeing my nieces and nephew play and get excited about our family and our traditions, then a movie with my cousins, a young people's tradition, then dinner with all the good comfort food we look forward to all year, then out to dance and drink with my cousins and stay up all night talking and philosiphising and just being happy to be in their presence. Then Friday is driving back wishing I wasn't leaving, but glad that it is now officially Christmas time and listening to continuos Christmas CDs in my car. I can't wait. Happy Thankfulness everyone!

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